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Global Logistics: From trucking to warehousing, transloading, drayage, and international steamship line container movements, Pinnacle Fibres can easily and efficiently move our suppliers material more efficiently than our competitors. Our years of experience in being a logistical powerhouse allows us to competitively price ourselves into any market. Our large volume shipments allows us to benefit with maximum discounts from our service providers.

Financial Powerhouse: Pinnacle Fibres provides flexible financing options for our suppliers and customers. By extending favourable credit terms to our customers and paying our suppliers and transporters quickly, we provide excellent solutions for each of our partners.


Multi-Dimensional Partnerships: Pinnacle Fibres is a dynamic company that is continuously looking for multi-tiered trade partnerships on a global basis. We are continually building complex trade agreements that provide favourable situations for suppliers, transporters, and customers. It is not uncommon to see our customers become suppliers and suppliers become customers. It is all linked to our transport partners putting multi-year service agreements in place. Win-Win-Win.


Inventory Management and Lean Supply Chains: Pinnacle Fibres is active in over 30 countries where our suppliers and customers come together. We specialize in matching supply to customer requirements for quality, volume, timing, and price. Our relationships and our keen understanding of each of our partners abilities enhances the successful environment we have built in order to move tonnage. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment software connects our partners throughout the process, efficiently communicating with each party, reacting quickly to everyone's individual needs and greatly speeding up the documentation flow. 

Market Knowledge: Our experience has been built off of many years of success and failure. Every experience has led to a greater understanding of how our suppliers and customers can work together to provide win-win solutions in all strong and weak markets. Understanding the dynamics of pulp versus prime rolls versus stock lot versus wastepaper provides us with an excellent understanding of how each global market influences the other. This integral knowledge is what we share with each of our partners.


 For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction - Isaac Newton

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